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...on Business Transformation


...what clients say about us:

“…bought a depth of knowledge on change and how to approach it that was invaluable. Helped formulate both short and long term business turnaround strategies much of which is still adding huge value to the business with profits moved from a loss of £7m to a profit of £30m+ in 4 years…”


– Vice President Cemex,
Change Director


“…helped us significantly in the transformation of our European business: organisational restructure, change management, coaching executives, and growth strategy.  An excellent combination of theoretical/technical knowledge and pragmatic/practical recommendations. …committed to the company, its strategy and initiatives… supportive of the team and its leader…demanding, challenging and very good communicators…” 


– President Hertz Europe,
Hertz Corporation

“... unique ability to stretch client's thinking and create aspiration. Coaching style is effective, ensuring that every intervention is impactful… operate with ease at board level.  Push teams hard towards delivering an ever better, more meaningfully competitive result for clients. ”

- Director, Organisation Change,
Rolls-Royce plc


“…Source of inspiration and lighthouse of new frontiers for senior managers and organisation stuck in transitioning from old business models, portfolios and ways of working”

- Head of Forecasting & Replenishment,
Dixons Retail


 “…helped us to have high expectations of the people we work with and who work for us, but I have learned from them you can only expect performance to be as good as the expectations you set and the investment you make in ensuring the people working for you are as enabled as they can be to deliver.”


– Director of Corporate Development,
National Air Traffic Services


“The spectrum of skills and personalities in the teams managed on my behalf would floor most people, but they have a unique ability to mix strong direction in leadership with a hands-on approach that can get even the most challenging people to deliver their career best.”


- Divisional Managing Director,


“…able to understand quickly the business model of many industries…established a good network for us in other organizations in order to be fully supportive of establishing new ways of working”


- Head of Marketing,
Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori


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