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...on Leadership & Coaching


...what clients say about us:

“…outstanding qualities…excellent group facilitator with a very keen and sharp mind, a clear thinker who grasps details and facts extremely quickly… eminently capable of leading a group to achieve it's objectives in a restricted timeframe…strong insight on business issues coming out of his experience with a wide range of businesses and clients…patient manner coupled with a firm but fair leadership approach helps makes him exceptional in his field.”    


– Vice President,
Hertz Europe 



“…achievements with our Executive Team reflect clear experience that creating a strong and tangible vision must be accompanied by investment in individual coaching”  


– New Ventures Director,

“great depth and breadth of experience and seems to love what he does. I can personally vouch for his abilities as a coach, facilitator and change agent. He gave my team purpose and belief, and helped them develop realistic plans. He gave me the direction and focus to drive my team’s success”  


– Head of Brands Marketing,



“At a time when new ownership and management was forcing strategic and cultural change…[Rocksharp] skillfully coached and advised existing and new senior managers with firm but practical style…providing easy to use tools and methods for individuals and the team to make a real difference to their future and that of the company.”     


– Marketing Director,
Hertz Europe 



“One greatly respected attribute is that he will call a problem as he sees it, rather than presenting what he thinks you want to hear- which is refreshing and very useful”   


– Head of Business Systems,
Hertz Europe 


“Their real added value is the way they manages us to develop new skills and adopt new behaviours. Lead by example and actively support staff through the change and learning process. Effectively coach staff so there is a real transfer of knowledge and thus real long term added value for the business.”   


– Finance Director,
Jobcentre Plus 


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