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Leadership priority no.1: Delivering on strategy 


Your job as a leader is to develop strategy and lead its implementation, right?  And the hallmark of your leadership track record will be integrity: doing what you said you would do.              

Our job is to help you and your team deliver on your integrity: helping you develop your point of view; enthusing your team with it and creating a bow-wave of energy in your business to ensure that it’s implemented.


First, ask yourself:


Is your strategy really strategic?


Think about your strategy, or the one put in front of you by your team: corporate, divisional or departmental.  Is your strategy genuinely about competitiveness—your right to do more than survive in your market?  Will the plans that it drives ensure growth and value? 


Or is the strategy really just …


…a long-term plan?


…a statement of aspiration, variable with the prevailing climate?


…a bunch of vague truisms and good intentions about valuing your people, etc?


…a pro-forma commitment to do what you already do as best you can?


…a picture of the problem, but without a clear solution?


…a recommendation to be as good as your nearest competitor…but no better?

We're experts in promoting the collaboration required to bring about alignment—and action.




It often takes a re-igniting of your objectivity and judgement—to gain confidence and rejuvenate leadership ambition. 


We re-build that confidence and ambition through strong constructive challenge and coaching in a safe environment (group or one-to-one).


Our strategy and strategy implementation assignments start from as little as four weeks. 


We can also offer a situation assessment based on just one workshop. 


Occasionally, we’re hired for low profile, ‘behind-the-scenes’ work with one or two Board members to help resuscitate a divisional strategy or help them get more rigour into the approach

If the strategy is good enough, do the right people know what to do with it?



We see lots of good strategy—and are often asked to help create it.  But it’s not just about how good your strategy is—it’s what you do with it that counts.    


80% of our strategy and strategic business planning support is commissioned right after a strategy exercise (often from big name consultancies) has produced an impressive document but few, if any, people really know what do with it. 


Strategy isn’t implemented, just because the analysis is good, the direction is plausible, or because it cost a lot of money to develop.  Even when everybody says they understand it, implementing strategy means you have to overcome the inertia of ‘business as usual’. 


In our experience, the only way to make good strategy really happen is to generate a critical mass for change within the business. 


This means alignment, and starts with your fellow Executives. 



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