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Advisory Board on-demand


Experienced advice and judgement, or more ‘hands-on’, just when you need it

We provide Advisory Boards ‘On-Demand’ for corporate ventures, start-ups and incubators, early and mid stage companies. 


We field a balanced, experienced Board at very short notice, to cover most industry sectors.


Our Board members average 20 years experience across executive and non-executive disciplines:


  • Strategy and Business

  • Business Case Development

  • Finance and fund raising

  • Corporate Governance

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Leadership and HR

  • Operations, and Technology 



Beyond straight advice, our Advisory Board members are also regularly called upon to engage, hands-on:

  • Fill-in gaps, strengthen or develop from scratch: strategy, business model, or business case

  • Meeting facilitation between start-up people, prospective partners (including finance) and intermediaries

  • Coaching and presentation skills training for the start-up people


Some clients retain us; others hire us by the day/hour.  We can usually respond at very short notice.


The role of the Advisory Board is about launching the right business, in the right way, or taking an existing business to the ‘next level’.


Our Advisory Boards are usually asked to give advice, on things like:


  • Customer value proposition

  • Strategy and business case

  • Marketability / launch strategy

  • Acquisitions and disposals

  • Operating model and operations issues

  • Leadership and management capability

  • Partnership opportunities and exit strategies



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